ABC Plus

Age 2-3 Toddler Program

During the ages of two-three, a child's vocabulary can grow to nearly 300 words. Two year olds constantly want to explore, touch, and mimic their peers and teachers. At ABC Plus, we encourage your child to examine, create, and share, as they broaden their language through interacting with teachers and classmates.

Activities in Toddler Curriculum include:

  • Singing songs, completing patterns, building writing skills, improving their vocabulary, reading stories, learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and memorizing simple poems, is just a few of the learning activities that is offered at ABC Plus daycare. Children learn self-help skills, such as washing their hands, eating independently, tying their shoe laces, and dressing on their own, and sharing with friends. We practice making wooden puzzles, and finger painting. Sensory and repetitive activities transform these experiences into knowledge.