ABC Plus

About Us / Mission Statement

  • At ABC Plus Daycare, our teachers engage in warm, caring, and insightful conversations with children and their families. We make sure to recognize every child's achievement.
  • We provide different age appropriate educational settings such as; small/whole group interactions and indoor/outdoor environments to address all developmental areas that contribute to open-ended experiences for children.
  • All of our teachers are qualified, trained, and have prior work experience in the field of child development. At ABC Plus, our teaching strategies meet the child's developmental needs and our teachers always engage children in educational play. Our teachers are trained to use multiple assessment methods to develop goals for each child's developmental pace.
  • Parent-staff partnership is a top priority at ABC Plus Daycare. We always find the time to inform parents about a child's progress and daily activities, by providing daily progress reports, working alongside with parents, and communicating daily, we offer the best quality care and education for children.